June 15, 2024
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for Wind Ensemble or Orchestral Winds

It is said that the shortest distance between the mind and the heart is story. The power of story to teach, to shape, and to heal is evident throughout human history—as is the power of music to do...
Among the Multitude
Year: 2013  Timing: 5:00      Grade: 5
for Soprano Voice and Piano; poem by Walt Whitman

When choosing to set a poem to music as an art song, I knew from my Creative Writing studies in American Literature that there was one poem that demanded new life in music. It is a poem describing...
Caught Up in Clouds
Year: 2016  Timing: 8:40      Grade: 5
for String Orchestra

When my would-be father-in-law passed away one month after my engagement, I was unable to articulate any of my emotions in words. For almost a year and a half, they have remained lodged in my soul,...
Clash of Wills
Year: 2016  Timing: 8:00     
for Wind Ensemble

Some composers found their love of music at the symphony hearing Brahms or Beethoven—I discovered mine from the 8-bit beeps and boops of my family's Super Nintendo. Though I can't...

Insen Dances
Year: 2015  Timing: 6:40      Grade: 6
for Wind Ensemble

There is a rhythm permeating all living things, embedded in the behavior of organisms at every level of complexity. From the morning call of the swallow to the cicada's assertive buzzing, there are...
Year: 2009  Timing: 2:45      Grade: 6
for Marimba Duo

Intensity is a quintessential show piece featuring a blazingly impressive solo part against a chordal ostinato. The agility of the solo melody and the rhythmic complexities and intricacies present...
Year: 2012  Timing: 5:00     
for Solo Flute

Received 1st Place in the Voices of Change Composition Competition (2015).

Program Note: Allow me to set the stage. The date is November 9, 1938. The air is cool, calm, and very still. Distant...
m51a — The Whirlpool Galaxy
Year: 2013  Timing: 6:17      Grade: 5
for Multi-Percussion (1 Player) and Stereo Electronic Track

M51a -- the Whirlpool Galaxy was born from a single seed of a question in my mind: “If outer space could be heard as music, what would it sound like?” From my earliest childhood years, I have...
Year: 2012  Timing: 5:25      Grade: 4
for Percussion Ensemble Quartet (2 Marimba, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel with Tam-tam and Bass Drum)

The piece is inspired by a trip that I took to Thailand a few years back. While I was there, I got to witness the first rains of the Monsoon season. I saw the landscape change almost instantaneously...
Orpheus and the Sirens
Year: 2014  Timing: 8:00      Grade: 5
for Flute, Viola, Cello, Piano, & Harp

In Greek mythology, it is well known that the hero Odysseus had a brief encounter with creatures known as the Sirens—creatures who would enchant approaching sailors with their irresistible singing...
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