May 25, 2020
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Some composers found their love of music at the symphony hearing Brahms or Beethoven—Thomas discovered his from the 16-bit beeps and boops of the family Super Nintendo. Though his musical adventures have broadened from slaying virtual dragons, he has carried music's narrative power with him ever since. Whether depicting what amazing phenomena of light in nature might sound like, exploring the stories and deeds of unsung heroes during the Holocaust, or warning against the dangers of otherizing with the mythos of Leviathan, Thomas seeks to connect with listeners' hearts and minds through the power of musical communication.

Specializing in Wind Ensemble composition from study with Donald Grantham, Dan Welcher, and Jerry Junkin at the University of Texas at Austin, Thomas' catalogue for Wind Ensemble is published with Murphy Music Press. Blending the roles of composer and theorist, Thomas' scholarly concentration is the field of music and meaning, developed in his work with Robert Hatten.

In addition to composing, he reads and listens to analytic philosophy (often at the same time!) and can frequently be found cooking restaurant-worthy cuisine with his wife Tori. He dreams of collecting all the world's pens that have unconventional features—though he frequently has to start from square one when they fall out of his pockets.