May 25, 2020
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Ten Highlights from Spring 2018
1) My article "The Psychodynamics of Chronic Depression in Music" was published in the American Society for Aesthetics Graduate E-JournalVol. 10, No. 1.
2) The University of Texas Wind Ensemble recorded Movement II "Crockett's Fiddle" of my "Remember" Symphony No. 1.
3) I presented my talk "When Music Speaks: A Communicative Model of Musical Meaning" at the University of South Florida New Music Festival in Tampa, Florida.
4) I presented my talk "Narrating Near-Death Experience: A Semiotic Analysis of Chopin's Music in Eternal Sonata" at the North American Conference on Video Game Music 5.
5) World Premiere: For the Love of Google at the Ears, Eyes, + Feet concert series at the B. Iden Payne Theatre in collaboration with choreography, lighting design, and projection design.
Pictured: choreographers Ginnifer Joe and Raquel Baron at the premiere of Romance for Marimba and Smartphone
6) The Inversion Ensemble recorded my recent A Composer Walked Into a Bar... for SSAATTBB choir.
7) The Kansas State University Percussion Ensemble performed Sublimation from Triple Point for Percussion Trio at the SCI Region VI Conference in Manhattan, Kansas.
8) I presented my talk "Sounds of Now: Seven Reasons Why New Music Matters" at the SCI Region VI Conference in Manhattan, Kansas.
9) My recent chamber orchestra work A Musician's Guide to Philosophy will be programmed by the University of Texas New Music Ensemble in October 2018.
10) I completed the first year of my DMA program! What a busy and productive year.