July 24, 2024
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"[Thomas'] music is modern and fresh, yet somehow familiar... both accessible to first-time audiences and rewarding for veteran opera buffs."

Jacob Schnitzer, Artistic Director, Density512 read full review

"[Thomas'] vocal writing... and his chamber orchestration is masterful. This is the work of an already mature composer who can convincingly convey an extraordinary range of emotions..."

Robert Hatten, Marlene & Morton Meyerson Professor of Music Theory, The Butler School of Music read full review

"I was mesmerized... a unique and important way to remember my mom and continue her life work."

Dr. Alex Kor, DPM, MS (Son of Eva Mozes Kor) read full review

"Thomas’s vocal composition... allowed me to act through my singing in a really authentic way... Singing Thomas’ version of Eva was a visceral experience for me."

Page Stephens, Mezzo-Soprano (Eva Mozes Kor in Eva and the Angel of Death) read full review

"[a] decidedly unique story and thought-provoking premise... a startling and engaging work to the 20th and 21st- century responses to the Holocaust."

Kathleen Roland-Silverstein, National Opera Association

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"[An] exceptional aria... with its evocative melismas and driving accompaniment."

Journal of Singing, Volume 78, No. 5 (May/June 2022)

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