July 24, 2024
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What's New?

What's New? (2023 Edition) Five Updates

1) My monograph, Gender, Race and Religion in Video Game Music has been approved for publication in Intellect Books' Studies in Game Sound and Music series. The publication timeline estimates the book will appear in September 2024, so stay tuned for further exciting updates.

2) Eva and the Angel of Death received its world premiere with the Density512 Chamber Orchestra in Austin, TX at the Austin Central Library's Special Event Center. Follow-up performances of Eva are also in the works. Watch the premiere performance below!

Eva and the Angel of Death: a Holocaust Remembrance Opera from Density512 on Vimeo.

3) Concerto Ludus for Piano and Gameboy received its world premiere at Stetson University for the North American Conference on Video Game Music 10, performed by Matthew Thompson. The piece will also be recorded at the Duderstadt Center for multimedia production. Listen below!

4) I have been developing a two-semester popular and electronic music theory curriculum titled "Contemporary Musical Styles" for the University of Texas at San Antonio School of Music's new degree program, the B.A. in Commercial and Digital Music. Check out showcase websites of student works for these courses here: 1) Contemporary Music Styles, and 2) Introduction to Electronic and Computer Music.

5) What if Octaves Aren't Equivalent? A Composer's Guide to Non-Octave-Repeating Scales will appear in Season 3 of the Society for Music Theory Podcast. Check SMT-Pod's website or your Podcasting app of choice in Spring 2024 to hear about this innovative, envelope-pushing field of research!