December 7, 2023
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Video Gallery
Music: "Romance for Marimba and Smartphone" by Thomas B. Yee; Choreographers: Raquel Baron and Ginnifer Joe; Projection Design: Ebenezer Adewumi.
Performed by Con Moto Brass Ensemble; March 25, 2017; Jacob Schnitzer, conductor; Ben Carroll, Horn Solo.
Presentation from the Society of Composers Region VI Conference; The University of Texas at Arlington; February 3, 2017.
Featuring Donnie Ray Albert, solo baritone; Tamara Dworetz, conductor; March 25, 2017.
"Why does New Music Matter?" | Society of Composers Region VI Conference; Kansas State University; April 7, 2018.
Voices of Change Composition Competition 1st Prize Winner; 5/3/2015; Jennifer McElroy, Flute.
Presented at the North American Conference on Video Game Music 5 (2018); University of Michigan
World Premiere by the University of Texas New Music Ensemble; April 27th, 2016.
Presentation from the Semiotics Society of America 42nd Annual Conference; Puebla, Mexico; October 25-29, 2017.
The Mary Pickford Foundation commissioned me to score "So Near, Yet So Far," starring Mary Pickford for live performance along with picture in March-May 2014 in several venues throughout the LA area.
M51a -- the Whirlpool Galaxy is a marriage of two genres (electroacoustic music and multi-percussion solos) and an adrenaline-pumping duet between the percussionist and the electronic track.
Ben Holcomb, Screenplay Writer/Director ; ReelStories Film Festival 4: Grand Prize, Best Impact; Pepperdine Media Arts Showcase: Best Film Score, Best Directing, Best Screenplay